In-betweens #1

Loving having a few photo projects on the go, but in-between times it is soul-good to go a-wandering with camera and no agenda.

A Guga Splash

Saw an incredible exhibition at the weekend: The Colony by Dinh Q. Lê. Swirling drones hover over a bleak and barren island filled with birds. Awesome.

Its effect sent me homewards to complete a piece I set aside a while back, inspired in turn by its own island, the glorious gannet and David Hockney.

History in the Unmaking

They are pulling down the old Birmingham Library - a building I love, despite its Brutalist ways. Originally, it was supposed to be cloaked in marble. Perhaps then they would have thought twice.

La Sagrada Familia

I lost five hours in this place. Still came away with only the briefest of glimpses.

Spanish Inspirations

Thinking about cropping, shadow play and the delicacies of light.

Inspired by these images, circa 1870, by Spanish photographer Miguel Renom.


The road was closed to all but HGVs and buses, so I sneaked the car through and had the whole of Devilla Forest to myself.